On Feb, 8, 2016, Bruce Rosen / Rosen Law Offices joined the Murphy Desmond Law firm in Madison, WI. He can now be reached at here.

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Dedicated to winning

Rosen Law Offices, S.C., in Madison, Wisconsin is among the most successful and experienced trial and appellate criminal defense lawyers in Wisconsin. For over 40 years, we have been defending those accused of (or are being investigated for) crimes, defense of professionals in the regulatory system or licensing obstacles. Our clients come to us when their careers, their lives, or their livelihoods are at stake. We are here to help navigate to the best possible outcome.

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Our Practice Areas

The best criminal defense in Wisconsin

The measure of a defense lawyer is the diversity of clients who seek his or her counsel. We have successfully defended prosecutors, senators, law enforcement officers, and other public officials, just as we have represented highly respected doctors, nurses, and lawyers before regulatory bodies. Our clients come to us because of our reputation — and we earn our reputation with each and every case.


Attorney Bruce Rosen handled my long and complicated case with the U.S. Attorney’s Office. He fought for my rights with dedication, knowledge of the law, understanding how the system works and concern for me like no other...

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A.V. Preeminent, Bruce Rosen